“Building a bond beyond partnership with IT companies!”

As our people and processes are growing, we are looking forward
to build a holistic partnership with IT companies.

Today, competitive business environment has become more aggressive than before. Globalization and digitalization could be considered as the prominent components for this. To flourish in such a scenario, companies always need to be on their toes utilizing the latest innovative technologies, enhanced applications, and reduced cost of running their business.

Squirrel Softech helps organizations with various methods to enhance current system functionalities, remove lack of competencies, and work on better analytics and business intelligence in order to strengthen business operations and outcomes.

We are preferred SAP partners!

We help enterprises go beyond the horizon and utilize their existing SAP solutions’ potential at the best. This enables cost effectiveness and increased innovative growth. Our expert individuals have vast experience across industries and geographies to help companies enjoy greater ROI. Excellent combination of our processes and proven methodologies have enabled us to help our clients unleash new functionalities and attributes resulting in an agile and flexible business environment.

Our Expertise

Diverse domain knowledge

Team of more than 150+ experts

Industry specific Proven Methodologies

In-depth knowledge of business processes

Immense experience in implementing large SAP assignments

Some of Our Success Stories

Achieved Preferred Partners of SAP GD for AMS projects

Handling AMS of Bangladesh’s largest corporate

Completed challenging deliveries with a record low time in SAP India and SAP GD projects

Partly functional and full technical projects for IS – Oil and Gas Industry

PM rollout for Torrent Pharmaceuticals

Technical Implementations – ABAP, CRM, Interfaces live as well as FTP

Functional and Technical Implementations for IS – Utility Industry

Technical Implementation for HR rollout

  • Resourcing | Temporary Staff Augmentation

    We have a team of expert SAP Consultants who are capable to provide the solutions which are best for clients.

    Quality resources are difficult to find, Significantly, in domains like SAP which is an emerging market. Extensive skill sets are required. Moreover, clients look for consultants who can suggest solutions beyond just the technical expertise.

    We have an expert team with a good number of practical experience on the field in various industries. Taking up responsibility of implementation, sustenance, or both, we take complete pride in providing the best resources in industry. Our team not only highlights and resolves the issues but also opens doors in terms of better opportunities for our clients.

    Our experts help clients to:

    Streamline internal processes and execute effectiveness of support operations

    Organize information and make it accessible and useful to right people at the right time

    Make well-informed decisions for business benefits through our experience and innovation

    Our SAP Consultants are all-rounders. They are domain experts, project managers, and programmers. Their often presence on the site makes it easy for the clients to get support, discuss specifications, and ensure modification immediately. Our consultants are also extremely efficient to work remotely when required. They can have system access and no matter where you are, work will not stop.

    We hire talent

    Enhance their qualities

    Serve the best in Industry

    Squirrel Softech’s Hiring Process

    Staffing of Resources

    For Freshers - Grooming in Center of Excellence (COE)

    For Experienced – Quality Check

    Deploy on Projects

    You will have:

    Improved efficiency

    Time saving

    Redundancy is reduced

    Improved management decision

    Cost effective

    Meet deadlines

    Streamline processes

    Reduced unplanned errors

  • SAP Analytics

    End-to-End Decision Making with intelligence Business consulting!

    In order to collate, access, and analyze customer data, business processes, SAP Analytics stands as a one-stop solution for Business Intelligence, Predictive Analytics, & Enterprise Performance Management.

    Benefits of SAP Analytics

    Cloud deployment

    Real-time Analytics

    Ad-hoc queries

    Collaboration tools

    SAP Analytics can suffice organization demands in:

    Data visualization & Reporting dashboard

    Strategy Management

    Informative Decision Making

    Planning & Forecasting

    Financial Management

    Predictive Analysis

    Features of SAP Analytics

    SAP Analytics Cloud capabilities are built on SAP Cloud Platform, powered by SAP HANA. They can be extended to any device

    Business intelligence

    Smart Assist

    Optimized performance


    Data Integration

    Squirrel Softech’s SAP Analytics Skills

    We provide functional and technical SAP consultants, project implementation, and project sustenance. Our expert team helps enterprises in business analytics, performance management, business intelligence, and financial planning solutions. We train consultants who can help you utilize in-depth benefits of business analytics for smarter decision making processes.

    We work with you on the processes which are important for the success of the organization, monitoring their improvements and effects on the business. Our strength is our in-depth expertise of SAP analytics skills and the ability to understand your business and its requirements which is as crucial as technical skills.

    Our experiences have taught us that success can be achieved with collaborative engagements to deliver customized performance management, business intelligence, and solutions that contribute big-time to your business. Hence, we work with you in a partner-client model.

    Squirrel Softech’s SAP Analytics Products


    SAP Analytics On Cloud (SAP AOC)


    BI Suite


    Predictive Analysis

  • Responsibility Sharing Of Implementation

    Outsourcing – A part of Growth!

    IT outsourcing has developed from assigning cost-effective temporary resources to accommodating a non-core proficiency segment, or lack of resources and time. It has also turned the collaboration into partnership model that encourages innovation and takes the responsibility of risks and benefits accrediting complete profitable business transformation. As a reliable outsourcing partner, we assist you with the best-in-class solutions and collaborative outlook to match up with the fast growing competition.

    Outsourcing Benefits for IT Companies

    Technical and functional resources with core competencies staunched to initiate benefits

    Enhanced quality with improved productivity and efficiency

    Cost effective

    The smaller segments of the organizations are able to respond faster and with ease when dealing with the transformations

    IT Companies which invest in SAP, look to optimize their operations, integrate multiple systems, streamline business processes, and use the best innovative technologies to get ahead of their competitions. Squirrel Softech has proven itself as a reliable partner, maximizing ROI on their investments.

    More Than Expected Benefits from Squirrel Softech’s Strategic Services

    Many global enterprises have benefited by improving service delivery, cost effectiveness, and implementing innovation for growth by collaborating with us as their trusted strategic outsourcing partner. Though their reasons vary as much as their businesses, for many outsourcing is a more scalable, foreseeable, and dependable way to enhance their business strategies and expansions.

    We cover both the components of Implementation – Functional and Technical. With our pivotal innovative strategies, we have worked with clients and delivered both revenue and gross profit growth. We expertise in processing skills, domain knowledge, utility models, and financial paradigm.

    Our experts specialize in delivering the best. They are teamed basis their expertise and synergies. They can work well together as they know their strengths and weaknesses.

    As an Outsourcing Partner, We Ensure:

    Improved quality of service delivery, hence, you can enjoy complete benefit of automation, standardization, and smart integration to provide uniform and dependable IT services resulting in business growth

    Technology expertise with access to skill sets that you would not want to develop in-house

    To manage risk and decrease the possibilities of downtime and data loss

    Organization’s adaptability and flexibility to match up with the changing business market

    Transformation projects that can provide perpetual ROI

    Increased efficiency and faster cloud-based delivery models

    Benefits of skilled resources with time and cost saving

  • Support

    ERP Implementation is not just an event, it’s a journey. It is like planting a tree. When you sow the seed, you need to nurture it as well. Only then, you will be able to enjoy the fruits and shade of the plant. For this, either YOU can take complete care of it or ask for expert help.

    Many companies seek external support after ERP implementation. This may be due to timeline, cost, or other issues which refrain companies from handling the sustenance process. Squirrel Softech extends its complete support to such companies in their growth process. We, as reliable partners, provide expert and trust-worthy guidance in their journey of success. Taking up the complete responsibility of the work, our team gives more than 100% in terms of real value addition to your company.

    We shoulder End-To-End responsibilities from consulting to implementation and support with premium cost and agility. Be it requirements analysis, scope analysis, customizations, system integrations, user policies, user training, or delivery, we guide our clients at every step.

    Application Management Services

    Functional / Technical Support

    Industry Specific Resource Allotment

    Various Ticket Model to Ensure Right Model for Right SAP Environment

    Continuous Improvement in Existing System & Troubleshooting

    L1 to L4 Support

    Post Production Support

    Deployment of Industry Specific Resources – Onsite

    L1 to L4 Support

    Preventive Actions & Monthly Evaluation of Tickets Resolved

    Service Level Agreement for Prompt Support

    Support Levels at Squirrel Softech

    L1 - Help Desk Support

    L1 Support is for the problems which can be resolved over phone, emails, chat, skype, etc. These typically include individuals who have very limited technical expertise.

    L2 – Technical Support

    L2 Support ticket requires more experienced consultants than L1 support consultants. It manages their raised incidents. L2 technicians follow documented processes provided by clients. They are expected to escalate the L3s when documentation is insufficient to complete the tasks or do not solve the incident.

    L3 – Configuration Changes or Customization

    L3 Consultants resolve issues that are typically difficult or subtle. They participate in management, prioritization, minor enhancements, problem management, stability analysis, etc. These support leaders are experts with specific and deep understanding in one or more SAP modules. L3 consultants are proactive in nature, can identify problems in advance, and look for continuous service improvement opportunities. If a fix involves a major enhancement or a development issue, then the problem is transferred to L4 through SAP OSS message.

    L4 – SAP AG

    Product-related issues which can be resolved only by SAP AG will be conducted as L4 support. Our L3 team will constantly communicate with SAP AG team to resolve the issue.

    We provide Application Management Services (AMS) resulting in reduced costs, improved flexibility, and better SAP performance.

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