Squirrel Softech is for companies who are willing to change and grow.
We provide complete support to minimize risk, enhance implementation process, smoothen sustenance,
ultimately increasing the success rate and growth of your Enterprise Wide Systems.

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    Defining The Need Of Enterprise Wide Software

    An Enterprise-Wide Software is a huge umbrella, covering software that offers a primary storage system that can be accessed by everyone in order to streamline the procedure to manage a particular project across all departments. It also denotes how a process impacts various functions and departments of an organization.

    ERP systems help these departments share resources and plan strategies for on-time and quality deliveries. Enhanced cooperation and efficiency are the paramount benefits of an enterprise-wide system associated with Squirrel Softech.

    Today, companies who strive to become customer-centric take all the necessary steps for enhancing client experiences. You would want your team to have transparency and innovativeness while communicating ideas and solutions in order to deliver the best to the clients. Enterprise-Wide Systems help in collaboration between teams and increased efficiency which ultimately, enhances customer satisfaction.

    We help define the need for these systems for you to enjoy the wide-spread benefits associated with it.

    Squirrel Softech has a team of expert SAP consultants who are capable to provide the solutions which are best for you. We help you identify data origins that should be covered in enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. This will ensure meaningful and insightful reports to derive quicker ROI.

    Our process includes the identification of gap analysis and pain points of the customers to use innovative ideas, to resolve the issues.

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    Resourcing | Temporary Staff augmentation

    We have a team of expert SAP Consultants who are capable to provide the solutions which are best for clients.

    Quality resources are difficult to find, Significantly, in domains like SAP which is an emerging market. Extensive skill sets are required. Moreover, clients look for consultants who can suggest solutions beyond just the technical expertise.

    We have an expert team with good number of practical experience on the field in various industries. Taking up responsibility of implementation, sustenance, or both, we take complete pride in providing the best resources in industry. Our team not only highlights and resolves the issues but also opens doors in terms of better opportunities for our clients.

    Why Our Resources!

    10 years of Experience

    Squirrel Softech Services Pvt. Ltd. ( SSSPL) was established in 2008. In these 10 years, we have provided services to various organizations, successfully completing 60+ projects.

    Strong Backend Support

    With a team of 150+ SAP consultants, our onsite resources would get constant support from backend whenever required.

    Various Industry Exposure

    With an execution of 60+ projects in various industries, clients can expect Industry-specific solutions from the onsite resources.

    Resource Replacement

    We provide quality and well competent resources. Clients have the freedom to conduct a technical evaluation before deployment. In case of major non-performance or any indiscipline, we would replace the resource.

    Quality Documentation

    We follow all standard FS/TS documentations which ensure quality practice.

    NDA/Secrecy Agreement

    We have NDA which includes clauses of Confidentiality, Non-Poaching etc.

    Skill Enhancement Program

    We are in continuous process to enhance the skill sets of all the resources considering changing trends and technology. Hence, clients get the Best in the latest technology.

    Our experts help clients to:

    Streamline internal processes and execute effectiveness of support operations

    Organize information and make it accessible and useful to right people at the right time

    Make well-informed decisions for business benefits through our experience and innovation

    Our SAP Consultants are all-rounders. They are domain experts, project managers, and programmers. Their often presence on the site makes it easy for the clients to get support, discuss specifications, and ensure modification immediately. Our consultants are also extremely efficient to work remotely when required. They can have system access and no matter where you are, work will not stop.

    We hire talent

    Enhance their qualities

    Serve the best in Industry

    Squirrel Softech’s Hiring Process

    Staffing of Resources

    For Freshers - Grooming in Center of Excellence (COE)

    For Experienced – Quality Check

    Deploy on Projects

    You will have:

    Improved efficiency

    Time saving

    Redundancy is reduced

    Improved management decision

    Cost effective

    Meet deadlines

    Streamline processes

    Reduced unplanned errors

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    Implementation and Change Management for Enterprise Wide Software

    Enterprise-Wide Systems merge key operations into one system making it the heart and backbone of their operations. This helps businesses combine, organize, and maintain all data into one primary section resulting in reliability and faster decision-making process. Companies often invest a lot of time, efforts, and resources on the implementation process but the success rate is usually disappointing.

    Here, Squirrel Softech comes into picture for you who are willing to change and grow. We provide complete support to minimize risk, enhance implementation process, smoothen sustenance; ultimately increasing the success rate and growth of your Enterprise Wide Systems.

    We have a unique approach towards the assignments taken up by us. We remain focused while extracting maximum output from the business solutions already deployed rather than proposing new software.

    We expertise in technical/functional implementation, change management, process management, and consulting for mid-to-large sized companies. Our specialized teams always extend their support with passion to solve client requirements. We believe in building a business partner relationship, rather than a client-vendor association. We serve as trusted advisors to our clients throughout the life cycle of the implementation.

    Squirrel Softech has a team of expert SAP consultants who are capable to provide the solutions which are best for you. When a customer approaches us wishing to implement a software, we analyze the requirement and advise the best solution for them. We help customers identify data origins that should be covered in enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. This will ensure meaningful and insightful reports to derive quicker ROI.

    Our process includes the identification of gap analysis and pain points of the customers; and to use innovative ideas, to resolve the issues.

    With good years of experience, we have built our process involved in implementation and sustenance of enterprise systems for reduced risk and sure-shot success rates.

    Selection of the right solution based on client’s specifications

    Complete planning before implementation

    Deployment of right team for best results

    On-time and accuracy at high priority

    Complete backend management support

    Our End-to-End Services Include:

    SAP Solutions that encompass a wide range of business processes and can be implemented within a very short timeframe

    Maintenance and support

    End-to-end implementation process

    Domain experts to handle flexible arrangements such as on-site, off-shore, and on-site offshore

    Complete integration of geographically extended operations resulting in effective and smart decision making

    Well-trained team to handle end-to-end project implementation

    Benefits to Clients

    Time and cost saving

    Reducing unplanned errors

    Avoiding people conflicts

    Full value from your SAP investment

    We provide increased ROI through our innovative use of technology, design thinking principles, and tested methodologies

    We allow cost control and timeline improvement

    Quality assurance

    Implementation with Squirrel Softech means quality and on-time processing. Our technical and functional support teams are experts in handling any given situation.

    Technical Implementation

    Productivity Increasing Customization

    Standard & Z WRICEF Development

    Mobility Using FIORI / UI5

    Integration With Non-SAP Solution

    Functional Implementation

    Industry Specific Process Mapping & Customization


    Supply Chain Management Solutions (SCM)

    Product Lifecycle Management Solutions (PLM)

    Advanced Financial Management Solutions

    Human Capital

    SAP HANA: Squirrel Softech’s services portfolio around the SAP HANA in-memory platform, meets the need of real-time data management. Squirrel Softech services around SAP HANA include:

    Business strategy development


    Learning and change management

    Business case development and Proof-of-Concept

    Roadmap creation

    When it was launched, we were also able to implement the first project of S4HANA in the APJ Region! As it was a complete new version of ERP, there were some constraints. However, the technical and fundamental limitations could not stop us from completing the project with flying colors.

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    End-User Training

    Squirrel Softech understands the criticalness of ERP practices and hence, we are equipped with right tools and skills to manage small scale to large scale and simple to complex training assignments. The content is a fusion of text and images which has shown wonderful results.

    Squirrel Softech has a very strong experience in handling large audience for end user training

    Right fit trainers for corporate environment

    Backed up with Education partnership with SAP we generate good certified resources

    Provide soft skill training before placements

    Process of Training

    Fitment of consultants

    Industry Specific Experience

    Domain Subject Matter Understanding

    Match Required Linguistic Skills

    Content Preparation

    Discussions with the Manager

    Understanding the background of the Audience

    Participation in Integration Testing

    Content Formalization

    Track Content Creation

    Proof Reading


    Training Management

    Training Batch Formation

    Schedule Training

    Training Delivery

    Attendance Tracking

    Feedback Analysis

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    Upgrade | Migration

    With extreme competitive edge, markets change overnight. For development in such surroundings, organizations require prompt ingress to pertinent raw data available in a way that accelerates smarter decision makings. Innovative solutions play a key role in this pavement of growth. To develop such solutions, organizations are challenged to implement new solutions by upgrading their platforms with new functionalities and attributes.

    Moving to a new and advanced technology enables a transformation of the organization into a real-time business, helps them capture new opportunities, and streamline their operations for improved ROI. Upgradation/Migration can also enhance business performances and overcome real-life business challenges. You can also stop fretting about deadlock on support for older versions and legacy systems.

    Upgradation and Migration Services are complex activities and they need rigorous planning and professional project execution. Customers generally have concerns related to a smooth transition, less downtime, and successful up-gradation/migration also wanting that the existing SAP System remains unharmed. Shifting to a more efficient system can improve performance with reduced time and cost of managing the SAP applications.

    Role of Squirrel Softech in Upgradation and Migration Services

    Our team provides customized upgrade services to augment the efficacy of your preferred SAP Solution. We minimize the risk factors and downtime resulting in increased benefits.

    Our consultants work in synchronization with you to administer all facets of the SAP system upgrades and migration from planning through functional development processes to go-live and support.

    In migration processes, we assess legacy renewal prerequisites and check if any incorporations in functionalities are required before developing the plan. We ensure our clients continue to maximize all business advantages delivered by SAP.

    We succor in migrating the complete system to a more efficient environment and lower-cost platform which can enhance business performance reducing the time and cost of managing SAP applications. We ensure secure and complete migration with least downtime.

    Our processes are effective, robust, and meet your business needs precisely. Our proven methodologies and capabilities enable us to help you in their end-to-end success pathway. Using experiences, best practices, standardized processes in pre-and post-migration, and a dedicated expert team can remarkably lessen the risk and time compared with a conventional migration procedure.

    With newer version coming in for SAP and the related databases, clients often face challenges, technically and functionally, to upgrade their software. Squirrel Softech has the acumen to handle the upgrades with ease, resulting in complete client satisfaction.

    SAP ECC to SAP S4H

    Squirrel Softech mentors the client to migrate from SAP ECC to SAP S4H in the prescribed time. A smooth transition is ensured to all new SAP S4H, which is beyond migration including of setting up a new landscape with all prior data retained and new features added to it.

    Non-Unicode to Unicode

    At Squirrel Softech, Tech Savvy grads are not just versatile but highly creative. Be it pulling files for transferring from Non-Unicode to Unicode or analyzing high-end data for forecasting, our team of experts is in the race to serve you with excellence.

    EHP Upgrades

    100% success with no hassles!

    With business transforming, organizations want to upgrade SAP EHP to latest SAP package. But this would incur high cost and time as expected. At Squirrel Softech, we take the responsibility of development of proper plans, documentation, and implementation of upgrades. We guarantee definite success in its implementation.

    OS/DB Upgrade

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    Audit & Performance Optimization

    With emerging market and technical advancement, gaps widen if processes are not aligned adequately with developments. Hence, after implementation, it is important to assure the effectiveness of controls and business processes. Therefore, Squirrel Softech provides comprehensive auditing in the following sections:

    Audit of Controls

    Control testing is done to ensure efficient functioning of controls to mitigate risks.
    This includes:

    Test effectiveness of controls

    Latest control versions installed

    Document controls recorded

    Audit of Business Processes

    Auditing is done to assess organization beyond compliances and standard norms. This includes the pathway an organization uses to achieve its strategic goals, the performance of the processes, if objective timelines are met, and are they deriving the expected ROI.

    In order to gather the data, checklists and questionnaires are prepared. Interviews are conducted to add precise information. All the observations are documented for future reference. Based on the observations, Squirrel Softech suggests solutions which cater enhancement of the organization’s process standards.

    Performance Optimization of ABAP Code

    Squirrel Softech manages a holistic process in performance optimization and tuning of ABAP code.
    We look into:

    Tools & techniques for performance tuning

    Detailed procedure to optimize ABAP code

    Generate ideas on the best programming standards

    Benefits of Auditing

    Prevent unpredictable loses

    Track performance

    Enhanced transparency

    Improved decision making

    More standardized & reliable practices

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    Support | Strengthen the Enterprise Wide Software

    ERP Implementation is not just an event, it’s a journey. It is like planting a tree. When you sow the seed, you need to nurture it as well. Only then, you will be able to enjoy the fruits and shade of the plant. For this, either YOU can take complete care of it or ask for expert help.

    Many companies seek external support after ERP implementation. This may be due to timeline, cost, or other issues which refrain companies from handling the sustenance process. Squirrel Softech here extends its complete support to such companies in their growth process. We, as reliable partners, provide expert and trust-worthy guidance in their journey of success. Taking up the complete responsibility of the work, our team gives more than 100% in terms of real value addition to your company.

    We shoulder End-To-End responsibilities from consulting to implementation and support with premium cost and agility. Be it requirements analysis, scope analysis, customizations, system integrations, user policies, user training, or delivery, we guide our clients at every step.

    Application Management Services

    Functional / Technical Support

    Industry Specific Resource Allotment

    Various Ticket Model to Ensure Right Model for Right SAP Environment

    Continuous Improvement in Existing System & Troubleshooting

    L1 to L4 Support

    Post Production Support

    Deployment of Industry Specific Resources – Onsite

    L1 to L4 Support

    Preventive Actions & Monthly Evaluation of Tickets Resolved

    Service Level Agreement for Prompt Support

    Support Levels at Squirrel Softech

    L1 - Help Desk Support

    L1 Support is for the problems which can be resolved over phone, emails, chat, skype, etc. These typically include individuals who have very limited technical expertise.

    L2 – Technical Support

    L2 Support ticket requires more experienced consultants than L1 support consultants. It manages their raised incidents. L2 technicians follow documented processes provided by clients. They are expected to escalate the L3s when documentation is insufficient to complete the tasks or do not solve the incident.

    L3 – Configuration Changes or Customization

    L3 Consultants resolve issues that are typically difficult or subtle. They participate in management, prioritization, minor enhancements, problem management, stability analysis, etc. These support leaders are experts with specific and deep understanding in one or more SAP modules. L3 consultants are proactive in nature, can identify problems in advance, and look for continuous service improvement opportunities. If a fix involves a major enhancement or a development issue, then the problem is transferred to L4 through SAP OSS message.

    L4 – SAP AG

    Product-related issues which can be resolved only by SAP AG will be conducted as L4 support. Our L3 team will constantly communicate with SAP AG team to resolve the issue.

    We provide Application Management Services (AMS) resulting in reduced costs, improved flexibility, and better SAP performance.

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